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  • High Carb(60:25:15)
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  • Zone Diet(40:30:30)
  • Low Carb(25:35:40)
  • Keto Diet(05:35:60)
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Instantly Calculate Your BMR, Macros & Body Fat

To start your fitness journey you need to know a few details.

BMR is your Basal metabolic rate i.e. if you did absolutely nothing all day, it is the number of calories your body uses to sustain life.

TDEE is your total daily energy expenditure. It is BMR plus the number of calories burnt through activity.

Macro or macronutrients are nutrients that your body requires in large quantities such as Fat, Protein, Carbs, Water, and Fiber. A good balance of these macronutrients is essential to your fitness goals.

Your body fat% is a key indicator of your good health. A high body fat% is not only undesirable, but it also puts you at a higher risk of lifestyle diseases. A body fat% of 15 or less is recommended for males while a body fat % of less than 25 is recommended for females.

How the total process Online Mentorship works Together?

Here’s a simple explanation of how our Mentorship work. These steps may vary from program to program.

We get introduced.

Complete the Enrolment Form. We will reach out & schedule a call with you. On the call, we will get to know you. We will discuss & understand your goals, lifestyle, diet & training history. We will treat you with utmost empathy & respect.


After initial discussion with our coach. You can start your journey by completing payment.

Receive Customised Plans

Based on the call & Details you provide, we will make custom diet and workout plans for you. We will make sure they suit you and your lifestyle, while still propelling you towards your goals. You will receive your plans within 24-48 hours on your messenger.


We will have weekly check-ins to discuss everything: Your weekly progress, any challenges you may be facing, your update sheet, so you get the best out of the programme!

Support & Learning

You will receive full support over Messenger/WhatsApp. We will clear all your doubts & queries. We will take care of everything, right from your nutrition & workout plans, to habit tracking, to goal setting, to overcoming your challenges.

Peoples Who Are Experienced By Our Service


1st Mentorship of Priam Waheed apu

  • Mentor's name : Sajedur rahman
  • Previous Weight : 67.5 KG
    Diet : Customized Plan
    Weight Losed : 11 KG
    Time : 12 Weeks

24 Weeks of Pooja Mimi Bose

  • Mentor's name : Sajedur rahman
  • Previous Weight : 84 KG
    Diet : Customized Plan
    Weight Losed : 16 KG
    Time : 24 Weeks

24 Weeks of Rezwana Ferdous

  • Mentor's name : Sajedur rahman
  • Previous Weight : 65.75 KG
    Diet : Customized Plan
    Weight Losed : 14.75 KG
    Time : 24 Weeks

36 Weeks Transformation Story by Samira Sahel

  • Mentor's name : Sajedur rahman
  • Previous Weight : 84.5 KG
    Diet : Customized Plan
    Weight Losed : 25.5 KG
    Time : 36 Weeks

‘Lose To Gain’ - Facebook Community

Lose To Gain is the Bangladesh’s largest online fitness and nutrition community. Lose to Gain started its journey as a small facebook group that used to teach people about nutrition and help them get fit. Today, it is one of the most informative and engaging fitness communities with more than 145,000 members.


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Fit Guide E-book is written by our Sajedur Rahman. How to lose weight or eat healthily or maintain a healthy lifestyle is the first question that comes to everyone’s mind. You will get a basic idea about all these from this book.

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