Antora D'Costa's Journey from 71.3 to 60!!

  • Mentor's name : Sajedur rahman
  • Previous Weight : 71.3 KG
    Diet : Customized Plan
    Weight Losed : 11.299999999999997 KG
    Time : 12 Weeks

I used to be healthy but not overweight. In the past few years I gained a lot of weight due to sickness. The doctor recommended me to loose weight to control the sickness. From a known person’s review I got to know about Loose to Gain and about Sajedur Rahman Bhaiya. It was a really difficult journey for me. Gaining weight is easy but loosing it is the toughest one. I started to follow the diet that Bhaiya gave me and also the recommended exercise.

One thing that I noticed is the diet helps you to loose weight but the exercise shapes you perfectly. If you just follow the diet then you might end up loosing weight but you won’t get the shape that you wanted. Bhaiya was really helpful throughout the whole three months. If there was any problem in the diet he tried to give me the best possible solution. Following the same routine for three months might become boring but Bhaiya gave me substitutes to keep me motivated. People who are determined to loose weight can do the three months program and they will be able to notice the difference.

Lastly, thank you Sajedur Bhaiya for your kind help and support

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