Rezwana Ahmed

  • Mentor's name : Sajedur rahman
  • Previous Weight : 60 KG
    Diet : Customized Plan
    Weight Losed : 8 KG
    Time : 12 Weeks

Program: 12-weeks mentorship by Sajedur Rahman

Starting Weight: 60kgs

Current Weight: 52kgs

Total weight loss: 8kgs

Height: 5-1”

After coming back to Bangladesh last year, my weight increased drastically. Being abroad for the last 5 years, I grew an obsession for our deshi food like crazy. On top of that, all my near and dear ones showered their love to me through food. Our mentality is that we celebrate with food, when we are depressed we have food to feel better, everything revolves around food. So when I tried by myself to lose my extra weight, I found out it was a major challenge in this environment.

So finally, after failing miserably several times, I enrolled in the 12-weeks mentorship program by Sajedur bhai. His diet chart and constant guidance worked miracles for me. Initially I struggled because the portion size seemed so small, but after 1 week, it suited it me perfectly. I never felt hungry or deprived of food; on the contrary, if I ate something extra or had sudden dawats/events, I would feel extremely heavy and guilty afterwards. During the process, I learned how clean eating makes one feel better, both mentally and physically, and I could finally change my habit of frequently eating outside. In addition, even if I eat outside or have those extravagant dawats, I learned how to enjoy the food in moderate portions without causing damage to myself. Now I am a lover of home-cooked meals and healthy eating options.

However, one thing everyone should keep in mind while embarking on a weight loss journey is that they should first understand why they want to lose the weight, i.e. have a clear objective. Otherwise, somewhere down the line, we tend to become exhausted and lose the motivation to go on. Because the biggest motivation comes from within us, we have to have the strength to avoid/give up the bad eating habits; no one else can do that for us. In addition, consistency is key to this weight loss. Obviously, there will be breaks and unavoidable situations, but it is important to get back on track immediately, otherwise we will be in a vicious never-ending cycle. One of the most important things that really helped me is that I also made my environment very conducive to my journey. I made my family members understand that it is necessary for me, for being healthy in the end. Therefore, if we have family cheering for us, it acts like a fuel for our marathon.

Finally, I would like to thank Sajedur bhai and all the mentors of this group for creating this beautiful platform, where they constantly provide latest and scientific information regarding healthy way of living. May Allah accept all their efforts for helping humanity through this platform.

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