Farhana Faruque

  • Mentor's name : Molua khan
  • Previous Weight : 60.5 KG
    Diet : Low Carb Customized
    Weight Losed : 8.100000000000001 KG
    Time : 12 Weeks

12 weeks mentorship review

Mentor : Molua Khan

Previous weight: 60.5 kg

Now:52.4 kg

Lose:8 kg

I am glad to post this review of your mentorship.

No doubt it was a fruitful per client’s desire or requirement.

Many of us search for dieting or go for gym, but in most cases those efforts fail, as lacking of individual specific or scientific plan.

This mentorship gave me strength and confidence in me and I want to be in your touch for further advice to continue with my good health and the satndard weight that I achieved.

I already recommended my family members, friends, and colleagues about this page ..

Thanks again.

Farhana Faruque.

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