Tanzila Tabassum Chowdhury

  • Mentor's name : Sajedur rahman
  • Previous Weight : 83.85 KG
    Diet : Customized Plan
    Weight Losed : 11 KG
    Time : 12 Weeks

১২ সপ্তাহের প্রিমিয়াম মেন্টরশীপ রিভিউ

মেন্টর - Sajedur Rahman

পূর্বের ওজন:83.85Kg

বতর্মান ওজন: 72.85Kg

কমেছে প্রায়:11Kg

হাইট: 5'2"

I never thought I will lose my pregnancy weight ever in this life. I had two back to back pregnancies and did not lose any weight in between. I was devastated, frustrated and broken. Bodyshaming became a normal thing for me to experience. Everyone possible, known or stranger didn’t think for a moment before passing a comment on my weight or the way I looked. I was unable to control my eating pattern, unable to control my appetite for food and I think I also suffered from “Compulsive Overeating Disorder” for a brief period of time. I knew something was very wrong with me but I did not know what exactly or where to start from. I tried many diets either on my own or with my group of friends but failed miserably every single time. Some of my friends were very helpful but they also did not know what was wrong or how to help me. Then through a friend of mine I came to know about this group and started following it. Then one fine day I decided to contact a person called “Sajedur Rahman”-the founder of the group…and the rest is history!

This is the magician who just came into my life and just fixed all my problems in just a few weeks! I can never thank him enough for what he did to help me. He is no less than a magician for me! He is the only one who really understood what my issue was and gave me hope…the first thing he said was “apu, oboshahoi abar possible,kono bepar e na,apni mone koren konoi laabh hobena.. eta mone korei korei apni shuru kore den”…this man literally took me out of the ditch and gave me a new life. I started mentorship program with him for 12weeks and lost 11kgs in total in 12 weeks! Alhamdulillah for this group and Alhamdulillah for this magician called Sajedur Rahman! I have successfully reached my target for this 12weeks program though I have not yet reached my ideal weight according to my height.For that I wish to register for this program again with Sajedur bhai in a few weeks time. All the best to team “Lose to Gain” and the great man behind it …the superhero without any cape Mr.Sajedur Rahman!…

P.S…Please don’t ask to share diet plan since diet is a very specifically designed thing and different for everyone…Contact this group’s page for all the help you need….All the best!

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